Gelatin: The Real Life Elixir

Gelatin: The Real Life Elixir

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While most of us were busy hitting every store to find the right cosmetic product that would stop the process of aging, we failed to realise the potential of the very natural source that was always within our sight. This product has been an ingredient in all our desserts. Introducing... Gelatin!

That’s right. Gelatin and anti-aging? It comes as a surprise to most of us. Let’s see why.

How Our Body Works
Our body is composed of about 30% collagen. At roughly the age of 25, the ability of our body to naturally produce connective tissue diminishes, and continues to do so as we grow older. The result? Wrinkles and blemishes. This is why after that age, it becomes imperative to fill that gap. What is the answer? Anti-aging cosmetics?

Why Anti-aging Cosmetics have a Minimal Effect
The moment we see signs of aging, our instinctual reaction is an aging cream. What we don’t realise is that even if you use skin creams that contain collagen, it is in vain. This is because the molecules of collagen are too large to be absorbed by your skin. No doubt some cosmetic companies have better products than others for enhancing absorption however we have another option for you.

Why not try reducing those wrinkles by consuming collagen protein internally?

Gelatin: The Solution to Aging?
What better way to add collagen in your diet than through gelatin itself. Gelatin is responsible for making up about 35% of the total protein in the human body. When our connective tissues start depleting, the compounds in gelatin reconstruct the cells from within and replenish the collagen content, often resulting in youthful looking skin, with fewer signs of aging.

A Gelatin Recipe
Forget creams and Botox. Here is a great way to look young! Add gelatin in your diet:

Take 1 teaspoon plain in water
Add 1 tbsp to yogurt
Add a tbsp to water till it dissolves completely, and then add it to your coffee.
Add a tbsp to cold beverages

So if you are looking for the type of gelatin to simply add to your beverages then choose Peptipro Hydrolysate in the blue container. With the highest level of protein and collagen, it's the perfect choice as your dietary supplement.

If cooking and making desserts, then choose the Peptipro Beef Gelatin in the orange container that gels. Still 88% pure protein making your desserts and treats healthy.

So it gelatin the answer to anti-aging? Try it and see for yourself.