August 18, 2014

Is Good Quality Pure Collagen Really That Hard to Find?

The importance of collagen cannot be overlooked especially if you have crossed your thirties. Collagen is basically a unique form of protein that renews cells in different parts of our body such as skin, tendons, teeth, blood vessels, and bones. Collagen is responsible for 80% of all connective tissue and 75% of the skin.

Collagen Reduction with Age

With age, collagen in our body begins to decrease. The aging process is accelerated after the age of 30, when we start to lose about 1.5% of our natural collagen stores each year.Lowering of collagen in the body can lead to many health problems. When collagen is reduced in the cardiovascular system, it can lead to heart failure. Furthermore, lowered collagen can also cause loosening of teeth and your nail may also become brittle.Reduction of collagen has severe effects on the skin. It causes your skin to sag and wrinkle.

How to Restore Lost Collagen and Defy Age?

However, to restore its quantity in our body, intake of collagen protein is needed.You can consume it in the form of supplements. It is advisable to intake hydrolyzed collagen because when collagen is hydrolyzed into smaller molecules it is easier for the body to absorb.

Benefits of Collagen

Collagen offers abundant benefits. Daily intake of hydrolyzed collagen can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, balance insulin levels, improve sleep, reduce hormonal belly fat and improve vision. In addition to this, collagen also helps you achieve smoother and tighter skin, facilitate healthy joints, manage stress, improve immune system and also improve blood circulation.

The Best Source of Quality Collagen

When it comes to finding good quality and purecollagen protein it can be difficult but it is not impossible. The best source of collagen is pure gelatin. Pure gelatin is derived and extracted from the collagen inside animal connective tissues and bones. It is loaded with amino acids including glycine, proline, arginine and hydroxyproline.

Gelatin can be consumed daily by all people of all ages. It is a great source of protein and helps restore collagen that you tend to lose with age.

For quick absorption of collagen and to meet collagen needs of the body quickly, as discussed earlier gelatin in hydrolyzed collagen form is possibly the best choice.You can find this form of gelatin easily on the market.




May 19, 2014

The Collagen Deficiency

Collagen is a protein that is made up of specific amino acids including glycine, proline, arginine and hydroxyproline. Collagenmakes approximately 30% of the protein content in the human body however, it is found in abundance in animals.It connects and supports bodily tissues found in the skin, bones, tendons, muscles and cartilage.

Functions of Collagen Protein

Collagen performs a variety of functions such as:

  • Provides support to the skin. The collagen protein fibers give the skin resistance to traction and strains. It constitutes 70% of skin mass.Collagen gives the skin strength and elasticity.
  • It provides structure for fibrous tissues like tendons and ligaments.
  • Collagen also plays an important function in bones. Bones are made up of a mixture of minerals called hydroxyapatite and collagen. They both work together to not only form the bone structure but also lend it flexibility and strength. According to the research study by Radiocarbon Laboratory, about 30% of bones are made up of organic materials and out of which 95% is collagen.
  • Collagen makes up the walls of arteries, veins and capillaries of the body giving vessels a proper and a well defined structure and flexibility needed to effectively pump and transport blood throughout the body.

Age Triggers Collagen Protein Deficiency

As you age, collagen production in the body begins to decrease. This starts as soon as you hit 25. Decrease in collagen also slows down your metabolism rate. The decrease in collagen production affects skin volume and its physical properties too. Aging also changes the structure of collagen found in the body. Young skin has an organized pattern whereas in older skin itbecomes thick fibrils arranged in disorganized bundles.

As collagen decreases in the body with age, it creates the following health problems:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Skin becomes saggy
  • Leads to hair loss,
  • Gray hair
  • High blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Arthritis
  • Far sightedness

How to Meet the Body’s Collagen Needs?

The best way to stimulate collagen synthesis is to consumeit in the form of supplements. You can find great collagen protein online.Taking high quality collagen supplements helps restore aged collagen to its former state. It helps improves your skin’s appearance and bone/blood vessel health.It is also found to promote anti-aging effects like joint pain and hair growth.



May 15, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Use Gelatin and Make Your Food Healthy

When it comes to pure protein foods, gelatin is always a great choice.Pure gelatin is a rich source of protein derived from the bones of animals. Daily intake of gelatin in your diet can help you life a healthy life. It helps repair tissues, builds muscles, removes body toxins, prevents degeneration of cartilage, improves digestion and much more.

Now this does not mean that you should always mix it in liquids and gulp it down your throat. Ever heard of mixing things up? Well, that works for gelatin too. Though gelatin may be flavourless but it is definitely loaded with health benefits by mixing it with different recipes you can create some great healthy delights which are also fun to eat.

Here are the top 5 ways to use pure gelatin and make your tasty and food healthy. To prepare these recipes you can take gelatin in beef gelatinform.Note: HydrolyzedCollagin does not gel.

  1. Cheese Cake

Simply add boiling water into the gelatin and sugar and stir it thoroughly until the gelatin is dissolved. Let the mixture cool for 5 minutes. Now add vanilla and cream cheese into the bowl. Use a hand mixer to whisk the entire ingredients together and stop when the batter becomes thick and creamy. Now evenly spoon out the batter into ramekins and cover it with a plastic wrap and refrigerate. Once set, garnish it with cocoa powder and maraschino cherries and enjoy this healthy gelatin delight with everyone.

  1. Fruit Snack

Eating fruits raw every day can get boring. To enjoy eating fruits try this fruit snack recipe with gelatin. Gelatin makes the dish even healthier.In a saucepan, heat strawberries and cook them for a while now add juice, honey, salt and vanilla into it and cook it. Now add gelatin slowly and keep stirring so that it doesn’t clump. Cook for 2 minutes and then pour it in a pan. Pop it into the freeze to set it for 30 minutes.

  1. Caramelized Rice

To make this recipe, all you have to do is soak gelatin in cold water for about 5 minutes. Now boil rice in 2 cups of milk and add salt to taste. Boil the rice untilit is almost tender. In another pan, cook butter with brown sugar until it threads. Add to your boiled rice. Now add softened gelatin into it. Now pour it into a mold and chill.

  1. Chicken Salad

To prepare this healthy recipe, heat chicken stock and now add 2 tablespoons of gelatin in it and stir thoroughly. Now add lemon juice, salt and pepper into it. Stir it well. Cool the mixture until it stiffens. Now fold in shredded chicken, celery and olives. Chill it for a while and garnish it with mayonnaise and fresh lettuce.

  1. Eggnog Chiffon Pie

Simply beat 2 egg yolks and add ½ cup sugar into it. Stir it well. Now add I cup of liquor. Cook this mixture until it coats to your spoon. Now add 1 table spoon of gelatin and ¼ cup of cold water. Let it cool slightly. Beat in it in mixer again and then fold in 3 egg whites. Chill it in the fridge for half hour. Then garnish it with whipped cream and serve.



April 17, 2014

6 Surprising Uses of Gelatin

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