November 12, 2015


Customer Testimonials

Hi Anthony,
I have a sixteen year old son, he has been troubled by warts for almost two years, all that we, the doctors and the dermatologists could throw at them did nothing, at best some of the smaller ones would be frozen or burned away and then return, often with friends. On his feet in particular they have been a big problem, at our last visit our doctor called them 'hardcore warts' and said our last resort was to use a cream that is used for skin cancers, but that he was too young for that yet and that it would only kill the warts on his skin, not the wart virus that was in him. She said that it is an immune system issue and that being sixteen and growing and school and all that that entails is a stress to the immune system.
This got me thinking, my husband and I both use your gelatin for our arthritis, but I have discovered it also keeps my asthma at bay and Mark, who works in the outback, finds it helps him cope with the heat and the long days, since going on the gelatin neither of us has had a cold or any hayfever, which we are both prone to, so I put my son on a full dose, twice a day. Within two weeks the warts were starting to shrink and fall away, by the end of a month thirty warts had turned to four and by the end of six weeks they have gone altogether. His acne has also cleared up and he tells me he just feels better and more alert.
So thank you guys very much, your product has accomplished a task that had doctors and dermatologists stumped, with no pain, no freezing, no burning, no caustic liquids, no scarring, just a tablespoon in water twice a day. I will be writing a letter to my doctor to tell her about this in the hopes that she will pass it on to other people in the same position.
Thanks again,
Michelle - South Australia