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Collagen smoothie booster
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Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate - Peruvian SuperBlend 500grams

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The highlights

Peptipro Collagen & Peruvian SuperBlend

"chocolatey, caramel with hints of maple and sweet potato, finished with a zing"

Peruvian superfoods are some of the most powerful foods on the planet. The best part is, these foods are not only packed with nutrients, they have the most phenomenal flavours.

We have carefully blended 5 Organic Peruvian superfoods to deliver exotic flavours derived 100% from plants, with no added sugar and with minimal to no processing at all. This ensures the nutrient properties of these foods are retained.

Why on earth would we create a boring vanilla or coconut flavoured Peptipro when we can give you this “chocolatey, caramel with hints of maple & sweet potato, finished with a zing” as one of our lucky taste testing customers put it.

See the Peruvian SuperBlend all star lineup below

Collagen Hydrolysate - 50%

Lucuma - LUCUMA was known as Gold of the Incas. It is known for its delicious flavour, almost like a mango crossed with an apricot.

Mesquite - MESQUITE pods are ground into a heavenly caramel tasting powder.

Maca - MACA ROOT grows high in the Andes mountains and has been used for thousands of years. It has a gentle nutty flavour.

Camu Camu - CAMU CAMU is so super that saying it once is not enough. It has quite the zingy flavour.

Criolla Cacao is considered to be the king of cacao due to it's ancient origin. The tree, (Theobroma), literally translates to “food of the gods”. Our non-alkalized cacao ensures the purest, non chemically modified, superior grade which retains nutrient value.

Serving suggestions

Stir 15 grams (1 scoop) into 250 mL of water, or your favourite juice or smoothie


50% - Collagen hydrolysate,  50% - Organic Peruvian blend (Lucuma, Mesquite, Criolla Cacao,Maca Root, Camu Camu).

Nutritional Profile

When To Use


Mix with your morning smoothie


Have as a post workout shake


Add to your pancakes or muffins


Make into a hot chocolate

Alpaca smoothie full of goodness

Frequently Asked Questions

This blend is seriously out of this world. We have not come across anyone who does not like it. Best of all, it has no added sweeteners of any kind and yet it taste of chocolatey, caramel with hints of maple and sweet potato, finished with a zing.

50% of the blend is collagen. So you are getting collagen into your smoothie combined with some fantastic flavours

The Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate is 100% collagen whereas this blend is blended with 5 Peruvian superfoods so that you have some variety in your healthy food pantry

Where do we start? Easiest is making a shake, mix it with your favourite milk. We bake muffins with it, make protein balls that will blow your mind, make "nice-cream" with it. We have loads of recipes, be sure to check out our blog.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Susan Coe
Love this

Great taste and easy to use! Feel the difference in my nails and my joints don't seem to hurt as much. This is the only thing I have added to my diet so I am happy!

Catherine Ingram-Silver
Peruvian superblend

excellent with banana smoothies- deeelish

Natalie Muir
Peruvian Superblend

It has a nice caramel kind of flavour. I bought it for my coffee in the morning, but I think it’s a bit strong for that & takes away the coffee flavour. I think I’m going to just use it in baking muffins or something. Overall, it’s pretty yummy.

New favourite post workout drink

Tastes amazing! Have noticed a change in how my skin looks and have so much more energy. A few days ago I discovered a new way of using this supplement, I blend a scoop with 1/2 cup coconut water and a shot of cold brewed gloria jeans hazelnut delight course ground coffee. Simply delish!!


I love this powder. My gym junkie friends recommended it. It’s packed full of good things I don’t normally take so I’m happy I’m making myself healthier! Tastes delicious in my smoothies.

Melvina Benzies
Love ALL your products!

Can’t live without them! The best gut-healing gummies.

Dannii Huynh
Taste just like a chocolate shake!

I’ve been having the Peruvian powder with ice cold oat milk or warm milk depending on the weather and it taste just like a chocolate shake! Will be purchasing again once I run out and I definitely see an improvement in my skin and hair growth.

Amanda Friels

Love this product!

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