Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver | 120 capsules
Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver | 120 capsules
Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver | 120 capsules
Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver | 120 capsules
Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver | 120 capsules

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver | 120 capsules

Organic & Grass Fed Beef Liver
Made in Australia
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The highlights

Organic Grass Fed Beef Liver Capsules

We are proud to have worked on producing what are arguably the best beef liver capsules. Not only is this a 100% Australian sourced and Australian made product, we selected the finest beef livers we could find:

  • 100% Australian sourced
  • 100% Organic Grass Fed and Finished (No grains ever)
  • 100% Hormone free
  • 100% Antibiotic free
  • GMO free
  • Humanely & Sustainably grown

Straight from the source, the livers are simply freeze dried to retain nutrient value and then milled and encapsulated for easy consumption. No fillers, no flowing agents, no colours, no preservatives - just simply the best Australian beef liver in an easy to consume format.

Beef liver has been used for centuries as a nutrient dense wholefood. Some cultures eat beef liver raw with salt and pepper however we completely understand that's not for everyone hence the reason we created the capsule version of this wonderful food.

Serving suggestions

Consume one serve (2 capsules) whole, or open and sprinkle on food or drink as desired.


Organic Australian beef liver (83.3%), gelatin (capsule), purified water.

Nutritional Profile

Serving size: 1.45 g (2 capsules)  | Serves per tin: 60

Average Quantity
per 1.45 g Serve

Average Quantity
per 100 g


23.18 kJ
5.54 cal

1609.72 kJ
384.73 cal


693.7 mg

48.17 g

Total Fat
- Saturated
- Trans
- Poly-unsaturated
- Mono-unsaturated

184.8 mg
< 1 g
< 1 g
< 1 g
< 1 g

12.83 g
6.8 g
< 1 g
3.08 g
2.83 g

- Total Sugars

< 1 g
< 1 g

11.5 g
2.08 g


< 5 mg

177.49 mg

Beef Liver

1.2 g 

83.33 g

Serving Suggestion is 2 Capsules, (1200mg of Liver)  Iron: = 0.129 mcg

Dried Liver VS Fresh Liver:

Per serve (2 Capsules) is equivalent to 1200mg milled (Dried) vs 3600mg unmilled (fresh liver)

3rd Party Test results: 


Serving Suggestion is 2 Capsules, (1200mg of Liver) = 37.20mcg per serving (2 capsule serving)

Serving Suggestion is 4 Capsules, (2400mg of Liver)= 74.40mcg per serving (4 capsule serving)

Vitamin A: = 360IU / gram

Iron: = 86 mg/kg







And who said we couldn’t de-liver..

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Frequently Asked Questions

We source the beef liver from organic and grass fed Australian cattle.

This is simply a food in a convenient to consume format so you can take as is or you can empty the contents of the capsule into soups, stir fry or any of your meals.

The liver is un-defatted as we do not want to remove any of the goodness from the liver

There is no set time. As it is a food, you can consume it as you would any other food. We usually have ours with lunch and again with dinner.

You can take between 2-4 capsules per day however as this is a food, there is no set limit really. It is up to you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 282 reviews
Julia A
Love them!

I love these liver caps as they are so easy to take, keep up my liver nutrition requirements and are easily accessible

Janette Glavinic

I just feel great when I have the beef liver tablets 👌👌

Katie Arbon
Great for pregnancy

Love it, I haven't had any problems with my energy levels this pregnancy and I give some credit to these liver caps

Chi B
Good quality, easy to take

I've taken these for nearly 2 months and I'm pretty satisfied with the quality of product. I love chicken liver but tried to eat beef liver once and it was such a turnoff I couldn't ever eat it again. So it's good to know that I can have the same benefits without actually eating the beef liver. Good speedy service and delivery too.

the best

gives the best energy boost to day. can just swallow or sprinkle into meals for hidden nutrients

Vienna Brandon
Beef liver

Very helpful for iron deficiency.

Lifelong vegetarian

I’ve had a lot of health issues lately and as I’ve been having health issues, with low iron and so on, I decided I needed to do something more drastic but just couldn’t imagine eating meat, as I’ve never eaten meat. Taking the capsules, which have no smell or after taste, was such an easy option to get highly concentrated nutrition. I will continue purchasing this product and I’m so grateful for the organic, grass fed option that’s available.

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver

Highly recommend it!