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Advanced Marine Collagen
Advanced Marine Collagen - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300grams
Advanced Marine Collagen - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300grams
Advanced Marine Collagen - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300grams

Advanced Marine Collagen - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300grams

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The highlights

Gelpro Advanced Marine Collagen Peptides
  • ~95% Protein
  • No Carbs, No Fat, No Sugar
  • 100% Water soluble
  • Preservative free

Our Advanced Marine Collagen is Type I Collagen, which is what our skin is made of.

Our body is made up of ⅓ Collagen, 90% of bone mass, and is present in skin, joints, bones, muscle and connective tissue.

We recognise that there are non meat eating customers who would prefer a marine (fish) collagen over bovine so we set out to meet our customer’s request. The challenge for Gelpro was in delivering the highest quality marine collagen and not all marine collagen is created equal.

As with every product we make, we obsess with perfection and quality and if we are not satisfied in full then we would rather not make the product. After 15 months of back and forth, trialling, tasting, testing (on ourselves and willing family & friends) we are extremely pleased to bring you our Advanced Marine Collagen with Microactive Peptides.

Here is our :

The Gelpro Difference

What we would not accept

Wild caught from pristine Arctic and North Atlantic waters

Not Farmed fish loaded with antibiotics


Sourced exclusively from wild caught cod skin. Fish skin is a premium collagen source and does not require harsh chemicals like scales do.

Not from fish scales which contain lesser quality Collagen type I than using skin and also require hydrochloric acid to process.

Not from other marine species such as jellyfish.

Superior dissolving ability.

Simple add and stir

Granule residues

Vigorous shaking required

Single Ingredient Food

No preservatives, sulfides, peroxides, flavours or additives


Serving suggestions

Stir 10 grams into 250 mL of water, or your favourite juice or smoothie


100% - Wild caught cod (Hydrolysed Marine Collagen)

Nutritional Profile

When To Use

Wake Up

Mix with your morning coffee

Day time

Mix into your water bottle


Have post workout


Add to your pancakes or muffins


Add to your evening tea before bedtime

Sea the difference, feel the difference

Frequently Asked Questions

Extracted from the skin of deep sea cod caught in the north Atlantic ocean and surrounding seas near the Arctic ocean using sustainable fishing methods.

We do not compromise on quality and here are some of the key differences: - from skin not scales - wild caught Atlantic not pacific ocean

One of the key differences in quality of our marine collagen is that it does not smell fishy.

Stir 10 grams into 250 mL of water, or your favourite juice or smoothie

Always add it to a dry cup and then add liquid and mix. If the cup is wet, the powder will stick to the sides. Alternatively you can add the powder to the liquid and mix or shake.

We only use skin which yields a higher quality collagen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Linda S
Very happy with this product

I am a first time user of marine collagen and I have been using this product for over a month. I am getting a pleasant improvement in my skin - in hydration, firmness and my skin feels softer to touch. I will be ordering again to continue to reap the benefits.

Melissa Stokes
Would definately recommend

For anyone looking to get on the collagen train this product is perfect, easy to take (can’t even taste in a smoothie) and after a few weeks can see noticeable difference

Premium collagen

Highly recommend this premium product that is pure collagen, tasteless and dissolves well. My nails are noticeably stronger and will definitely repurchase. Fast delivery was an added bonus!

Tracey van Damme

Advanced Marine Collagen - Marine Collagen Peptides - 300grams

Cynthia Burgess
The product has changed.

This is my second jar of marine collagen. It has a stronger smell and flavour is fishy. The original jar was very mild odour and taste.

Great product

Really happy with this product. My nails are growing fast and my skin looks great. I mix in with my morning shake. It's tasteless and mixes really well.. I will definitely be buying again. Delivery was fast happy with product and Gelpro.

Very happy

This product is great, I’ve been having it everyday and so far have mixed it into my museli , into yoghurt, and blended it into my morning coffee- there is no weird taste or texture, I don’t even know it’s there. My joints are creaking less and my partner says my skin feels smoother.

katie Payne
Advanced marine Collagen

Excellent company to purchase fromv. Very trustworthy with wonderful products !

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