Pete Evans

Gelpro Australia Statement regarding Pete Evans - "We at Gelpro Australia are a food and supplements company and we believe in creating the cleanest and best value products for Australians. Here at Gelpro HQ, we have a few simple rules, don’t talk politics or religion and stay true to our mission. We share Pete’s food philosophy and that's why we manufacture his EVOLVE range of food based products listed here on our website, which we believe to be some of the best products on the market. 

Whilst we share his food and health philosophy, we don't always share his political views or social commentary. We are a family based, small Australian business, including staff of all faiths and nationalities with differing religious and political views. Some of us here are Paleo and others are not, some of us believe in a level of vaccination, and some of us do not. What we do share is a common LOVE for food and an even stronger LOVE and respect for each other, despite our differences.

Our focus has always been on making honest food products and supplements and will continue to do so." - Nov 2020