Sport Supplements

Have you been working hard to tighten and tone your body? Have you been working out a lot lately? Maybe you happen to be a cross fitter? Are you an amateur or professional athlete? Whatever the case may be, the fact remains the same… Your health is important and taking care of your body and your health while you go about your active lifestyle is vital.

Our ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and bones are particularly susceptible to damage because of daily physical activity and strain. A collagen supplement taken regularly can accelerate the recovery process from damage to the body after regular workouts and physical activity. This not only helps reduce soreness of the muscles and joints but can also improve your overall performance.

Get your collagen in by having a delicious Peptipro Collagen & Peruvian SuperBlend Shake before starting your daily workout. Or perhaps try our Pre-Workout Collagen which is a non-stimulant blend formulated with the athlete in mind. Or maybe you’d like to add healthy fat into your daily diet? Try adding this MTC Oil to your salad, in your morning coffee, or even drizzled over baked veggies! Keeping fit has never been easier.

Whatever your goals as an athlete, Gelpro Australia’s natural sports products can help keep you in top condition so you can give the performance of a lifetime.