Sophie McCulloch

Sophie McCulloch

Sophie McCulloch - Pro Surfer

Sophie has been infatuated with surfing since a very young age and surfs twice to three times a day, every day.  Sophie trains hard and is committed to taking surfing to a professional level. Sophie has a full Elite Scholarship to the Ocean Performance centre, Maroochydore, where she trains for strength, conditioning, breathing and sports psychology.

In 2017 and 2018 Sophie competed in a sample of WSL qualifying Series events while studying a Bachelor of Business and Science at University of the Sunshine Coast.  As a part time university student, and full time QS surfer she is currently ranked 12th and is ready to embrace the opportunity to challenge the world’s best and pursue her dream of joining the Surfing World Tour.




Professional Surfer

Career highlights

  • 2015- 1st Australia Junior Surfing titles U18, North Stradbroke Island
  • 2016- 1st Los Cabos Open of Surf Pro Junior, Mexico
  • 2017- 9th Anditi Womens Pro QS6000, Newcastle
  • 2018- 9th Grandstand Sports Clinic Womens Pro QS6000, Newcastle
  • 2018 WQS ranking 27th
  • 2019- 9th Holmes Civil Developments Pro QS6000, Newcastle 
  • Current 2019 WQS rank 12th

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