nutracoll Beauty Collagen Australian Pink Clay Mask | 100g
nutracoll Beauty Collagen Australian Pink Clay Mask | 100g
nutracoll Beauty Collagen Australian Pink Clay Mask | 100g

nutracoll Beauty Collagen Australian Pink Clay Mask | 100g

Australian Pink Kaolin Clay + Kakadu Plum
+ Emu Apple + Beauty Collagen
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The highlights

Let your skin glow with health.

A healthy practice we can offer our skin is a weekly purifier and decongester, especially for those with problematic or oily skin. The nutracoll Australian Pink Clay Mask is a superb all rounder that delivers benefits to the skin and helps clear any problems your skin may be experiencing. 

The star ingredient Kaolin Clay (Australian Pink Clay), carries a neutral pH which absorbs excess oil without stripping away your natural skin oils, leaving your skin perfectly balanced and exfoliated. The added star ingredient, Australian Kakadu Plum delivers a high concentration of Vitamin C for instantly brighter and smoother skin. Paired into this gentle mask formula are hero ingredients, Collagen (Gelita® Sol C), Green Tea, calming Cucumber Extract and Witch Hazel for antioxidant support and anti-inflammatory benefits. Witch Hazel, specifically, known for its fantastic qualities of reducing redness and easing irritation. The addition of Red Algae, an ingredient rich in protein, vitamins and antioxidants is used to help clean and clarify the skin, protecting it against environmental toxins. 

The nutracoll Australian Pink Clay Mask will help detoxify, nourish, hydrate and exfoliate your skin, leaving it with a velvety softness. A perfect masking regime your skin will look forward to! 

For a mask that is simultaneously nourishing, cleansing and purifying, the nutracoll Australian Pink Clay Mask is your healthy weekly regimen!

Formulated intentionally without:

  • SLS
  • MIT
  • MCIT


A weekly pamper session to improve your skin.

You are a few steps away from revealing brighter and healthy balanced skin. 

To achieve the best results from the nutracoll Australian Pink Clay Mask, follow these steps:

1. Remove any make up and cleanse your face thoroughly, removing all traces of makeup, SPF and dirt. 

2. Apply the nutracoll Australian Pink Clay Mask on all areas of your face using the brush provided, avoiding your delicate eye area and lips.

3. Allow it to rest and set on your face for 15-20 minutes.  Note: the clay mask is not designed to dry out completely and will remain moist during this time to ensure your skin retains its hydration. 

4. Gently remove the mask with warm water or wet towel/cloth if needed. 

5. Pat your skin lovingly dry and follow with your serum and moisturiser. 

nutracoll tip: for best results, follow with nutracoll Vitamin C serum or Night Serum (if applied before your nightly skin routine) and nutracoll Moisturiser thereafter. 


KAOLIN CLAY (AUSTRALIAN PINK CLAY) | Remove excess oil, cleanse, exfoliate 

Kaolin Clay makes for an excellent natural cleanser with detoxifying and exfoliating properties. It is filled with essential minerals and is considered one of the most gentle clays available. For those with sensitive skin, Kaolin Clay is a perfect solution for masking. Of the many purposes Kaolin Clay serves, among soothing, cleansing, exfoliating and absorbing excess sebum, this mineral rich clay deeply hydrates your skin leaving it perfectly nourished!

CUCUMBER EXTRACT | Hydrate, soothe, tighten and firm 

Cucumber extract is known as a superfood for skin, composed mostly of lipids, rich proteins, Vitamin C, as well as possessing a variety of minerals that feed the skin. Puffy and tired skin benefits from the amazing moisturising and emollient properties it carries, revitalising it to feel plump and bouncy.

GREEN TEA | Antioxidant rich, anti-microbial, improve skin tone

Green Tea is filled with antioxidants. When applied to your skin, green tea will help fight against the many environmental toxins our skin faces every day. The addition of Green Tea into this formulation aims to keep skin looking younger, filled with Vitamins B2 and E, as well as carrying a high content of polyphenols (catechins) to reduce irritation, swelling and inflammation. The expansive superpowers of Green Tea are essential for healthy skin and glow.

WITCH HAZEL | Anti-inflammatory, tighten pores, antioxidant rich

Witch Hazel is a natural plant compound that can help protect your skin against damage and toxins. Witch hazel is a source of several antioxidants, one being tannins. Tannins help minimise redness and inflammation, as well as helping remove excess oil and fighting against bacteria that may form problematic patches in your skin. 

AUSTRALIAN EMU APPLE | Smooth, hydrate, even skin tone 

Abundant in natural collagen support, this Australian native contains water soluble phyto-compounds that provide excellent antioxidant, brightening and anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. The Australian Emu Apple is made of flavourful berries which contain four times the antioxidants of blueberries. Your skin will reap nourishment from the inside and out, making this a powerful skin superfood.

AUSTRALIAN KAKADU PLUM | Protect against free radicals, heal skin, natural collagen boost 

Your new favourite fruit. The Kakadu Plum is the world’s richest source of Vitamin C, and native to our very own Northern Territory. This Australian super fruit carries the title of a gift of Dreamtime, and has been used for thousands of years within indigenous cultures for proven medicinal and healing benefits. 100g of the Kakadu Plum offers over 5000mg of Vitamin C, and contains high amounts of polyphenols, Vitamin A and E. There is so much to love and embrace about the flowering Kakadu Plum, and one we call our very own.

COLLAGEN (Gelita® Sol C) | Natural collagen boost, antioxidant boost, improve fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen carries supreme benefits for our skin health and works efficiently towards visible results. Improved skin elasticity and increased overall blood flow to your skin are just some of the many benefits this high quality collagen can offer. Aims to boost the firmness and improve elasticity of your skin by detoxifying and awakening your skin from the outside in. 

Aqua, Kaolin, Glycerin,Illite,Montmorillonite,Cetearyl Alcohol,Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract,Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil,Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract,Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Distillate,Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil,Niacinamide,Rosa Canina Fruit Oil,Polysorbate 20,Collagen Hydrolysate,Kunzea Pomifera (Emu Apple) Fruit Extract,Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Fruit Extract,Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate,Polymethyl Methacrylate,Sodium Hyaluronate,Aloe Barbadensis (Leaf) Extract,Retinol,Chondrus Crispus Extract,Apricot Kernel Oil PEG-6 Esters,Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,Tocopheryl Acetate (Natural),Panthenol,Xanthan Gum,Sodium PCA,Titanium Dioxide,PEG-20 Stearate,Cellulose Gum,Microcrystalline Cellulose,BHT,Phenoxyethanol,Ethylhexylglycerin,Triethanolamine,Disodium EDTA,Parfum.

Seize the 'clay'

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pink clay is abundant in minerals namely Silica and works to detoxify the skin and minimise pores. The Australian native botanicals brighten and restore your skin's natural glow.

To remove the mask, wash your face with warm water or alternatively using a warm towel. Ensure you follow with your serum and moisturiser to remain hydrated!

Yes, this is completely normal. The redness may be a result of blood circulation to the surface of your skin, removing all impurities from the inside out. 
nutracoll tip: the aim is to remove the clay mask before it dries and begins cracking. 

We recommend using the pink clay mask 1-2 times per week, suitable for all skin types. 

As clay is negatively charged naturally, the mask provides the ability to remove chemicals, toxins, and even heavy metals from your skin. While drying, the mask works to remove all impurities including dirt, excess oils and dead skin cells from your pores. 

The nutracoll pink clay mask has been purposefully formulated to not completely dry out. This allows your skin to retain its moisture, remain hydrated and avoid the tingling senation you may experience with other masks.

Yes this is possible BUT don't be alarmed! This is normal due to the clay masks detoxifying properties. 

The clay mask has many exfoliating qualities such as removing the impurities and dead skin cells from your skin. If you would like an all rounded experience, exfoliating first will remove the dead skin cells whilst the clay mask can provide your skin with a beneficial cleanse. 

As your skin is extra soft after a shower, this would be the best time to allow your pink clay mask to work its magic. Myth: did you know your pores don't actually open and close? Steam from your shower is still beneficial as the heat helps loosen up the impurities clogging your pores. It also helps promote blood circulation and clearing dead skin cells. 

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