About Us

Who Are We?

Gelatin Australia is the result of two Aussie brothers based in Sydney who needed good quality gelatin and searched the world for the absolute best. 

Here is our story...

Nagib - aka George's Story

I was diagnosed with ‘rheumatoid arthritis’ in 2008 and to give you an idea of how bad the arthritis was, I was advised that I would need to be permanently on NSAIDs and potentially look at having joints replaces with artificial joints.. p.s – I am in my 30s

If there is anything I learnt from my days in the IT industry, it is to remove the root cause of any issue. So I started with an elimination diet for 6 months, removing all inflammation causing foods and significantly increasing inflammation reducing foods. The clean up helped bring my inflammation levels significantly however needed something that would aid in the repair of the joints the arthritis had already damaged. I studied everything I could get my hands on about anatomy and was ready to beat this!

I started making my own bone broth, simmering bones plus herbs for 12+hours and making chicken broth weekly, drinking the liquid daily – I was not only feeling great but looked full of life and energy, I regained full joint mobility and was back in the gym and have not touched a single pain killer or NSAID since 2008.

As supportive as my lovely wife is, she had kind of had enough of the long bone simmers so I needed a better solution and this is when I discovered powdered gelatin made from beef hides/skins, containing the highest concentration of collagen protein which was the perfect rebuilding block that I needed – I made some alterations to optimise the product and knew this needed to be shared…

Anthony's Story

After years of kickboxing and intense muscle building, my shoulder had given up and despite several unsuccessful treatments, the last resort was cortisone injections and potentially surgery.

Before I embarked on the road of no return, my brother suggested I share some of his "concoction" of collagen hydrolysate - he had spent years researching and perfecting and since I had nothing to lose I went with it. Within weeks I noticed less pain and I began regaining some of the mobility I had lost in my shoulder.

Having experienced the benefits first hand, George and I joined forces to bring the benefits of gelatin to the Australian community and beyond. 

Our Products?

In our search for the absolute best, we tried a number of brands and ended up 100% convinced with the end to end quality and result of the products we sell. It was key for us that we were ingesting only the best so that our body could do what it does best and heal.

Why start Gelatin Australia?

Simply because we know the value of this forgotten superfood and we want to share it with Australians. We have done all the research and want to pass on our knowledge and this great product range to you.


Gelpro Australia Pty Ltd

ABN: 32 602 315 088 

An Australian company, located in NSW.