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Holistic wellness, unearthed by two brothers.
Inspired by mother nature, guided by ancestral traditions & backed by modern science.

We are an Australian, family-owned business with holistic health & sustainability at the forefront of our philosophy. Founded two brothers, well, brothers-in law who each had their own health challenges and partnered up to provide the world with best quality collagen and whole food supplements.

Our humble beginnings, originated with a life changing diagnosis for one of our founders; Nagib, a former high flying, corporate executive who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2008. Nagib was advised that he would permanently need to be on NSAIDs and could potentially need his joint replaced with artificial joints in his 30s.

This was ultimately a reality check that served as a catalyst to inspire his journey of self-discovery; one that completely shifted his personal values & became a reminder of how important our health truly is. With a background in IT, it was second nature for Nagib to research the ‘root causes’ and attend to those first before choosing to live with an illness that required constant medication and surgical intervention.

He first started with an elimination diet for 6 months and removed all inflammation causing foods whilst increasing his intake of inflammation reducing foods. Nagib's journey was ultimately inspired by ancestral wisdom which he confirmed with countless hours of examining scientific journal articles, anatomy books, and consultations with experts.

It all started with bone both. Simmering bones & herbs for 12+ hours every day and drinking the broth daily. For Nagib, noticing small yet significant improvement thanks to the bone broth was the perfect catapult towards making more notable changes towards a more sustainable lifestyle, (and not only on a personal level). These lifestyle changes allowed Nagib to regain his vitality and full joint mobility. He was able to go back to the gym and has not touched a single pain killer or NSAID since 2008. It became very apparent that the benefits of bone broth were incredible but the slow simmers didn't align well with his fast-paced modern lifestyle. He eventually discovered powdered gelatin and shared this discovery with his brother-in-law Anthony.

Anthony at the time was suffering from a shoulder injury as a result of years of kickboxing and intense muscle training. Anthony's treatment options were also limited - cortisone injections or surgery. After witnessing Nagib's recovery first hand, Anthony knew that he had nothing to lose and so he introduced collagen hydrolysate into his daily routine and within weeks noticed less pain, friction and some improved mobility in his shoulder, as well as many other unexpected benefits such as improved digestion and skin texture. He knew this had to be shared with the world.

Anthony and Nagib partnered up and spent the next 5 years optimising the product to create our revolutionary Microactive Collagen Peptides. From the very start the pair was mindful about where they sourced the raw ingredients for our collagen from, and with the release of our first product Peptipro, they introduced the world to the very first and only Collagen Hydrolysate made exclusively from Australian and New Zealand sourced hides.

Gelpro Australia truly flourished when we began co-creating with our loyal customers who shared their experiences, needs & guidance. Together we recognised that the benefits of collagen are far reaching and now we produce products specifically formulated for skin, hair, sleep, gut & overall health, continuously expanding our range & adjusting to the ever-changing components of self-care.

We've come full circle, and realised that what our ancestors once thrived and survived on, we seem to have sadly long dismissed. Its our aim to reconnect to the traditions of our ancestors & perfect these with the knowledge & accessibility we have today. Sustainability is of great importance to both our brand and the world around us, which is why we’re celebrating sustainability not just with our packaging but in the ingredients and products we use & source. This isn't a buzzword we throw around lightly & with our feet firmly on the ground, connecting to the earth and mother nature whilst improving our accessibility to the nutrient dense essentials we once flourished on is key to our success.

We’re not a trend or fad, we’re here for life to help our community live their best and most vivacious lives, with holistic wellness, sustainability & authenticity running deep to our core.

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