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Our Sustainability Journey

Inspired by mother nature, guided by wise ancestral traditions

AND backed by innovative science

At Gelpro Australia, we believe that our health and wellbeing is directly linked to the state of our natural environment. From the soil that grows our food, to the air that we breathe, mother nature provides the nutrients and wisdom that can perfectly nourish, empower & nurture the human body.

The earth is our home, our provider and our responsibility. This is why it is our duty to do our part in minimising our effect on the environment by carefully considering our full impact and placing sustainability at the forefront of our company values and operations. This is after all how our founders and their families personally live their lives.

Gelpro’s recent rebrand celebrates the measures we’ve taken as a small, family run business to step into our authentic selves and begin our journey towards complete sustainability.

We carefully & consciously source effective, organic & highly nutritious ingredients, whilst dedicating ourselves to low impact practices that are gentle on the world around us. 

Our selection of products bust the myth that only plant based and vegan diets are sustainable and ethical. We’ve dedicated years of research to the millennia of ancestral wisdom as well as centuries of traditional farming which prove that the ‘nose to tail’ method not only provides with more diverse nutrients, but it allows carnivore products and diets to be more sustainable and ethical. This approach minimises food wastage & allows for us to truly honour and express our gratitude for the whole animal.

The dismissal of this practice has only led to our lack of knowledge about the most nutrient dense foods on the planet such as the liver, heart, bone marrow & more. These are nutritional powerhouses packed full of protein, omega-3s, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, potassium, phosphorus, folate, B vitamins, vitamin E, and vitamin A – all of which are key for optimising health and wellbeing. They are also incredibly bioavailable; meaning our bodies naturally absorb these with ease, so we don’t need to consume large quantities.

Our company started with Collagen & Gelatin Powders, both made from the by-products of other industries; the skin, hides and organs that would otherwise end up as landfill.

The modern diet and food industry has dismissed these nutrient rich ingredients, because we’ve long forgotten what our ancestral diets comprised of and how beneficial these all are for us.

This has inspired us at Gelpro on a mission to re-educate, inspire and share this ancestral wisdom, in combination with modern science to bring back the sustainable practices of the past in order to help our community achieve optimum health today and into the future.

Modern society has evolved in a way where we ingest food, supplements and medicines that are often filled with numerous synthetics created in labs. As a company we are committed to ensuring our products are free from toxic and hazardous ingredients including those that are genetically modified (GMO), filled with sulphates, parabens, synthetic colours, silicones, phthalates, preservatives & more. Our products have always been and always will be non-GMO, and free from fillers, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and flavours because we believe natural is best. Just as we wouldn’t want our family and friends ingesting any hazardous ingredients, we don’t want them ending up as waste in our soil, water, and air.

Sustainable packaging is integral in reducing our environmental footprint, it helps us as the producer and you as the consumer to reduce our ecological impact collectively.

“Our mission is to empower everyone to feel confident in themselves through the gentle promotion of positive lifestyle changes; backed by experts from our healthy community and always communicated with transparency.”


We all know that things like resource depletion, man-made pollution, and the rapid rates at which our societies & various practices have developed, modernised, and expanded have had their toll on our planet. The many consequences all have immense impacts on the quality of our lives. Its up to us to co-create a world where we can thrive alongside mother nature in order to achieve a natural balance, respectful of humanity’s symbiotic relationship with the earth.

The choices and actions start with each individual, but collective action and change are crucial for a brighter future. By taking charge of our lifestyles, taking care of our environment and nourishing ourselves with sustainably sourced, original ingredients designed to nourish both the body is the lifestyle we hope to help you create.

Sustainability is an integral part of our business and we are driven to be more conscious of our impact on the planet. We’re not perfect, but we run our family business with integrity and are aware that there is no one simple solution to all the environmental challenges we face. Sustainability is a journey; one of growth, discovery, and change like most other things in life. By ingraining it as a core value of our business & our wider community every day, we can create positive change for a brighter and better future, one where we all thrive.

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