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Great quality Australian product

Love that this collagen is made from Aussie and NZ pasture raised cows, and that it’s Aussie owned.
Neutral taste, mixes really easily.

Best collagen!

Gelpro has the highest quality collagen and other fitness and wellness supplements!!

Love these!

Love these oyster caps - feel like they give me an energy boost!
Back to order my second round. Thanks Pete 🙏🏻

Energy booster

This has definitely increased my energy level. It’s incredible that I only had an egg and 2 of this liver capsule and I survived a 6.4km return Bluff Knoll hike (second highest mountain in WA at 1099m high). This was my first time hiking and I am not even physically active! Love this product, will definitely buy again!

Love the energy

I love adding beef heart to my diet. I feel so much energy.

Liver capsules

I love that I can get good quality organs in my diet without having to cook and eat it myself! Love all of Pete’s products.

Love it!

Great product, good quality and an easy way to get liver in my diet.

Dissolves like a dream!

The best gelatin ever! I started using this gelpro gelatin last year and got my family onto it too. We loved it so much I decided to stock it for my online store at—and my customers love it!!! Their feedback is fantastic!

Peptipro collagen

Peptipro is a great product mainly because it is tasteless and you can put it in any foods and drinks and dissolves really good

It works for me,

Since I have been introduced to both your products, I.e. The beef collagen and the gelatin by my good friend /computer teacher/naturopath some years ago. (she purchased these products for me, hence I am a newcomer to you), I have got rid of bloating and feel so much better for it. I use a small amount of a combined mixture that suits me once a day, so it will be a while before I need to place my next order. I am a nonogenarian and have learned how to place and pay for my next order. Happy Easter to you

Excellent product! Been using for a year now

Excellent quality, my natropath recommended this particular brand to me due to the high content of protein (many in market have much lower dose) And Iv not been disappointed. Helped improve my skin :)

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate Beef Gelatin - 500grams Premium Grade

Absolutely love this product!!Dissolves easily & has no smell. Also, love the fact that it is Australian made:)

Great product

Love the combination of the hemp seed protein and collagen, feeling the benefit of both with arthritic joints!


I love that it’s tasteless and can be used so many ways. I have mine in my morning coffee.

Peptipro Collagen, Love It!

Love that it is made from Australian and New Zealand products. Fast delivery, easy transaction, great quality of product and will definitely be a repeat customer.

Peptipro beef collagen gelatin

Since my gastric bypass 3 years ago I have been using this protein powder in my coffee 3 times a day. It dissolves well and is tasteless. I could not be healthy without it.

Will definitely reorder

Great product, will definitely be reordering.

Pete Evens Fire Tonic

So yummy pour it onto my eggs in the morning so good.
Love it gives you that zing taste 👅

Petes Probiotic drink and his capsules

I love all Pete’s products and I am about to order some by phone tomorrow from you. Thank you. Joy Evans

Pete Evans Fire Tonic - 180ml

Finally larger bags

Love the new 1kg bags of Pepitro. Easy storage and usage. Value for money for us regular users. Thank you

Love the Beef Bone Broth with Mushrooms

I have felt a lot better within myself since having this every morning in my coffee, it actually makes my coffee Taste better. But the way I feel taking it and the way without it is amazing. I will keep buying it.

Love it..great flavour!

I mix with berries..coconut milk and yoghurt pete evans vit C..
Goes down a treat..and i think my and general wellbeing has benefitted..