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Excellent product

Easy to take and I’ve noticed plumper skin and less knee joint pain. Highly recommend!

Fabulous collagen powder!

This stuff is amazing. Have been using consistently and noticed a positive difference in my nails and hair. It dissolves beautifully and I love to add it to my smoothies to keep me fuller for longer or add to a milkshake for a bit of a blood sugar balancing protein boost. Love it.

Great product

Easy to swallow and great for the gut!

Organic Seaweed SuperBlend

Organic Seaweed Super Belnd has become an essential part of my thyroid support regime. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a natural and effective solution for thyroid issues.

No concerns, noticed increased energy

No concerns, noticed increased energy and skin clarity.

I have been using this product for a long time. I am not a lover of eating liver although I do purchase mince snd sausages with liver in the product. I prefer to use the supplements. A great product.

First time user so early days but I have noticed my skin is brighter and plumper. Will continue to use snd see how things go.

Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver

Loving the results from taking Organic Grass-Fed Beef Liver. Great value and excellent service

Multi Collagen

I’m onto my 3rd can. It mixes really well in hot and cold so I can have it in a smoothie or coffee. I am taking it for pelvic floor issues. Seems to be helping so I will continue to use.

Tasteless and easy to add to my morning coffee.

Love the gelpro collagen. I just add it to my morning coffee and it gives it a bit of a creamy texture.

Collagen all-rounder

Love this collagen blend of all the types. it's a real all-rounder.

Excellent product

Easy to take daily, one scoop in my coffee every morning mixes in no problem and no taste. So it’s easy to get into the habit. For the first time in ages my nails have grown without splitting.

Organic seaweed blend

The capsules are easy to take and don’t have a bad taste. I use these when I am not having seaweed or kelp in my normal diet. The packaging is great since they stack well for pantry storage! Empty containers make great storage options for herbs blends and taking dried snacks on road trips.

The best!

We use this powder for our keto hot chocolates each morning… our bullet proofs… makes it rich and creamy!

Multi Collagen | Unflavoured | 454g

Have noticed within the 4th week my hair loss has slowed down, my nails are stronger and my skin looks healthy x

Original Marine Collagen | Unflavoured Collagen Powder | 200g


I’ve only started my collagen journey, so not sure when I can expect any results. I love that
It is flavourless and dissolves well in a cuppa tea.

Real Natural Vitamin C

It’s real Vitamin C from real fruit not ascorbic acid, the fruit chosen have the highest natural levels of Vitamin C and it’s freeze dried so it keeps all those nutrients ready for your body to absorb. I take these daily and never have any issues. Great value for excellent quality.

I love my Hydrolysed Collagen Powder

What a great product, it dissolves easily into anything with absolutely no taste or texture. As I age I know that collagen is an important part of staying strong and healthy. This is the best one I have found!!

A new favourite

This gelatin is fantastic! No odour and unflavoured. Gummies and desserts set so well and I sometimes add it to smoothies and my cup of coffee.

Great in coffee

Love it.

Original hydrolysed collagen powder

Excellent! It dissolves easily in any liquid and is as good as flavourless. With all the good in it, I feel that it helps my body to support my health. I also like the fact that it is free from preservatives and sweeteners. My husband and I take it daily.

Beef liver capsules

I had blood test which showed I was very low in Iron. I decided to try these capsules as the over the counter tablets did not agree with me. In 3 months my levels are normal and I did not have any side effects and they were easy on my stomach.
Highly recommend and putting in another order!

Great Supplement

Good quality beef liver tablets, also price is affordable compared to some others.