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great product, have been using it for a year now. i can report both improved skin and digestion.

Love it

Have it every morning with my coffee. It’s good. Love it!

Marine collagen Powder

So happy I bought this. Easy to make up and digest!
Easy on the body and doing its magic!
Will definitely be buying again for ongoing benefit.

Love this product

Great product. Have noticed a difference in my hair - not falling out as frequently.

Organ Multi - great way to supplement and support wellbeing

Easy way to supplement our diet and get all the goodness of organ meats. So much easier way to get the health benefits of the organs without having to actually eat organ meats.

Amazing Results!

My partner and I have been using beef liver tablet since we got the first order and results are amazing.

I have been feeling much more energetic and my partner’s hair growth improved. We both are really happy with this product.

Great product

Great product

Why I love Collagen Powder / Peptipro

My energy was really low, my hair was looking lank and my nails splitting. A friend suggested trying collagen and I researched and decided that Gelpro Collagen / Peptipro would give me clean and easily digestible collagen. Within a couple of weeks I saw a great improvement in all areas and my ski was glowing too. A great product!

Premium Product

It does what is says and more! Premium must have product.

Organic Grass-Fed Beef liver capsules

I love these beef liver capsules. I have been recommending these to everyone. I'm 5 months pregnant, I feel amazing and my blood tests have been great this pregnancy. Will definitely keep buying these!!! Thank you! 😍

I feel so great!

I never leave reviews, but I’m feeling so great after taking beef liver capsules for a month now. FYI the pills themselves don’t stink, which I thought they would, lol!

Best bone broth I’ve tried

This is the tastiest bone broth I’ve purchased, it’s like a warm hug in a mug.

family ❤️ this product

Hello 👋 I have four little grandchildren. I find this product easy to put in the food and drinks.

Organic grass fed beef liver

Capsules so easy to swallow and a great way to improve iron intake

Knee Relief

Since I’ve been using Gelpro’s Hydrolysed Collagen Powder I’ve noticed my knees feel so much better. Walking longer distances and my knees feel a lot stronger when I’m using gym equipment.

Awesome, love this product.

Helps me with energy and makes me feel great!

I use it daily.

The multi collagen is a key part of my daily routine. Wouldn’t be without it.

Love this Collagen Powder

This collagen powder is tasteless and seamlessly adds to my morning coffee every day. I've noticed an improvement in my skin and nails; and just a general improvement in my health and well-being. It's now a simple and easy daily pick me up I can't live without.

So far so good

Happy that it’s easy to put into daily routine of my morning coffee. Will be repurchasing.Too early to see results but will be continuing.

Organ Multi | 120 capsules
Jasmin Cottingham-Ruming

The multi organ are great! Since having kids my iron levels haven’t been great and I definitely need more energy. These help and I feel overall better.


This collagen works amazing! My skin glows, my nails grow and are hard. I have it in my morning bullet proof coffee-mixes well and makes my coffee creamy.

Best Collagen

This is the best collagen in the market. Have been using it for 3+ months. Good results

I can FEEL it doing me good

I was so happy to find these capsules as I would never ever eat actual organ meat , but wanted to benefit from their properties. Thank you Gelpro for this wonderful product and your great customer experience. I will be back shortly

Easy to drink collagen

This product was originally recommended by my naturopath and I love it for its simplicity. Only the necessary ingredients with no gimmicks. A smooth taste that can be added to tea or smoothies

Great product !!

I enjoy this collagen in my cuppa everyday and most notable over time is my nails are growing strong. Customer service always good and delivery is fast Thank you 🙏