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Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate

This product is a high quality collagen which dissolves relatively quickly and has a subtle flavour. Great value. Highly recommended.

Pete Evans organic beef liver capsules

How can i put this simply? Absolute love these! Highest quality which you see first hand with energy and function to the body. The most convenient way to consume beef liver and the best part supporting Organic Australian industry under the legend Pete Evens . Thank you to everyone involved ☺️

Pete Evan’s Seaweed

Like all Pete’s supplements this one is just as good.

Lovely Product

Gelpro is amazing! A work colleague recommended I try it and it has made such a difference! My hair, skin and nails are so much stronger. I also feel my joints move more smoothly. It may take a little while to work but once you start feeling the difference it’s hard to think how you never took it before!

Add it to my daily protein shake

Feel that my skin is brighter and smoother and looks a lot less tired. Will be buying more

Pete Evans Native C Superfood capsules

Just what I was looking for a good way to take vitamin C with natural ingredients.
Easy to swallow capsules, also convenient to open the capsules if so desired and sprinkle the contents on food or into a drink. Thank you at Gelpro for stocking great products.

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate

Great product use it on daily basis.

The best

I used gelpro since 2015 and love it

Great product

A highly nutritious supplement of such great quality. My iron levels have been much better since taking this product.

Pete Evans fire tonic

This is a great product. Great taste. Reusable bottle.

Gelpro Liver capsules

My Holistic Doctor recommended I take these capsules because of deficiency that will cause me to go blind. The taste of liver is revolting to me, so I appreciate being able to purchase these capsules. They go down no problem. Many thanks.

Pete Evans Fire Tonic - 180ml **Sale**

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate - 1KG BAG


Great service, easy order and fast reliable service..what more could you ask for !

Excellent product

Tastes beautiful and my hair skin and nails are so healthy

Highly recommend!

Have been using gelpros collagen for several months. Having tried many others over the last year, I would say this is by far the best collagen on the market! My hair, nails, overall health have improved noticeably since using it. I simply stir it in my coffee every morning, it dissolves easily and my coffee even tastes better. Highly recommend!

Peruvian Superblend

It has a nice caramel kind of flavour. I bought it for my coffee in the morning, but I think it’s a bit strong for that & takes away the coffee flavour. I think I’m going to just use it in baking muffins or something. Overall, it’s pretty yummy.

Skin looks better

Seems to do the trick at a quantity where dose (about 10g per day) is similar to doses cited in meta-analyses.

Best protein powder ever

This is the best stuff. Dissolves in hot or cold without being compromised. Love it- use it for extra protein after WLS

Great product

Amazing ingredients. Great immune boosting product.

Worth the money

I have tried many collagen supplements over the last year and my mum suggested I try this one. It’s been absolutely beneficial for me and I can certainly tell a difference in my skin, hair growth and overall well-being.


Good combo greens and collagen . Have it every day in my protein and fruit smoothie

Best Product

Love this product knowing I get all the benefits of liver without having to eat it!!

Health in a capsule

Convenient and great way to get all the goodies!!