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Gelpro Collagen
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Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate - 500grams Premium Grade
Peptipro Collagen
Best collagen Australia
Australian collagen

Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate - 500grams Premium Grade

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The highlights

Why is this our Favourite Collagen?

We've done it, we've pulled it off, to all those who said it was not possible - We have made Australia's first, and ONLY collagen produced exclusively from Australian and New Zealand hides. It may have taken us 5 years but that's why we do what we do.

  • Zero Taste. Add to virtually anything!
  • Dissolves Easily. Does not "gel" together. No more gritty taste.
  • Alternative to whey based protein that can cause bloating in some people.
  • No Fat, No Carbs, No Sugar, Lactose Free, 97% Pure Protein.

Peptipro is unflavoured and mixes beautifully, allowing you to mix with juice or any other beverage of your choice. No more gritty taste and finally an alternative to whey based proteins that can cause bloating in some people.

Hydrolyzed collagen powder contains a unique profile of 18 different amino acids, including eight of the nine essential amino acids. Glycine, hydroxyproline and prolins account for nearly half of collagen hydrolysates's amino acid content.

There is no unpleasant taste associated with Peptipro hydrolyzed collagen powder, and it mixes easily with water, juice or any other liquid, hot or cold. It can even be added to protein drinks and smoothies.

We have made a premium food grade collagen, made exclusively from Australian and New Zealand hides, and utilising the worlds most advanced manufacturing processes.

Serving suggestions

Stir 15 grams (1 scoop) into 250 mL of water, or your favourite juice or smoothie and Mix or shake well


100% - Collagen Hydrolysate (Bovine collagen)

Nutritional Profile

When To Use


Mix with your morning coffee


Mix into your water bottle


Have post workout


Add to your pancakes or muffins


Add to your evening tea before bedtime

World's ONLY Australian and NZ derived collagen

Frequently Asked Questions

Our collagen is 97% protein so each 15 g serve contains 14.6 grams of protein.

Our collagen has no taste so you can add it to virtually anything.

Absolutely, this is how we have it here at Gelpro. It does not affect the taste of the coffee and is not denatured in hot liquids. You can add it to tea as well

Yes, our Peptipro Collagen is batch tested by HASTA. Click here for Certificate

Type I and Type III collagen

We source our Cattle hides exclusively from Australia & New Zealand. We then send the hides to the United States, where we extract the Collagen to our specification. It's then returned and packed here in Australia. Unfortunately, the technology to extract the Collagen is not available for our use in Australia just yet, but we are working on it!

Customer Reviews

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Lovely Product

Gelpro is amazing! A work colleague recommended I try it and it has made such a difference! My hair, skin and nails are so much stronger. I also feel my joints move more smoothly. It may take a little while to work but once you start feeling the difference it’s hard to think how you never took it before!

Claire Henderson

Great service, easy order and fast reliable service..what more could you ask for !

Highly recommend!

Have been using gelpros collagen for several months. Having tried many others over the last year, I would say this is by far the best collagen on the market! My hair, nails, overall health have improved noticeably since using it. I simply stir it in my coffee every morning, it dissolves easily and my coffee even tastes better. Highly recommend!

Best protein powder ever

This is the best stuff. Dissolves in hot or cold without being compromised. Love it- use it for extra protein after WLS

Violeta Figueroa
Worth the money

I have tried many collagen supplements over the last year and my mum suggested I try this one. It’s been absolutely beneficial for me and I can certainly tell a difference in my skin, hair growth and overall well-being.

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