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Grass Fed Explained

Grass Fed Gelatin

We quite often receive questions on whether the gelatin we sell is grass fed or not so we thought it best to ensure that our customers are informed on this topic.

We have searched globally for an exclusively grass-fed source of gelatin and can assure you it does not exist. Yes, some very popular brands and products will state that they are grass fed however having tracked down their exact suppliers and personally phoned and emailed them we know that the sources can not guarantee 100% Grass Fed products. The products are still of high quality however best you know what you are buying. 
You will also note that they never state grass fed on any of their labels!
So when it comes to selecting Gelatin it is important to note that gelatin is made only from hides/skins of cattle, not from bones, meaning the environmental conditions the cattle are raised in is important to the quality of the gelatin. Australia has one of the best reputations for being green and clean and our beef industry's strict regulations and compliance ensure we have some of the best beef in the world. 
The packaging of gelatin to protect it from light sources is also important to the longevity and quality of gelatin - avoid clear packaging.

The Gelpro Difference

A little information about the Australian product range from GelPro, that you may not be aware of:

Peptipro Beef Gelatin (orange labelled tub) is sourced from Australian beef. The Australian beef industry is highly regulated and cattle is free range in green pastures, grass fed and grain finished (Aussie farms). This product is best used in cooking and baking as it congeals ‘gels’ together.

The Peptipro Collagen Hydrolysate (Blue labelled tub) goes through a high temperature processing to lower the molecular weight of the gelatin and create short chain amino acids, called "peptides" The hydrolysation process removes impurities to ensure 96% + pure protein is produced. We source the raw material from Germany due to the high manufacturing quality assurance and regulations and it is packaged here in Australia. This product is best used in your daily water/shake, as it does not congeal. Perfect alternative to whey protein.

Both products have:

  • Zero Fat

  • Zero Sugar

  • Zero Carbs

  • Zero Lactose

The objective of the Peptipro brand is to create and supply a superior quality product and our company's philosophy is to always operate transparently with our customers and treat them as we would our friends. Those that have purchased from us would have certainly experienced the difference in our approach and our product.