Bovine Beef Gelatin Australian
Bovine Beef Gelatin Australian
Natural Australian Beef Gelatin | Image of Beef Bovine Gelatin 454g on a Coffee Table | Gelpro Australia
Natural Australian Beef Gelatin | Image of Two Women Eating Cheescake in Lounge with Beef Bovine Gelatin 454g on the Table | Gelpro Australia

Natural Australian Beef Gelatin | 454g

100% Pure and Natural
Flavourless Grass Fed Australian Bovine Gelatin
Made in Australia
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The highlights

Benefits of Gelpro's Natural Bovine Gelatin:

This is a premium grade Australian Beef Gelatin. It is unflavoured and sourced from only Australian beef cattle hides and skin. Australia has long been known for producing the best beef cattle with our open green pastures allowing our cattle to roam freely and feed on grass. Australia's strict quality and sustainability standards ensures only the best beef is produced. A product we can be proud of.

  • No Fat
  • No Carbs
  • No Sugar
  • Lactose Free
  • 88% Pure Protein
  • Australian Beef Gelatin

Beef Gelatin is a good source of protein. 

A diet high in protein: 

  • Is necessary for tissue building and repair
  • Contributes to the growth of muscle mass
  • Contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass

Our Bovine Gelatin is unflavoured and mixes well in warm, cold or hot water.  It is great for making cheesecake, panacotta, jelly or healthy treats like lemon gummies.


Serving suggestions

Depending on what you want to do with the gelatin there are a few different options. 

Using beef gelatin to make gummies or jelly: 
Add 1 tablespoon (15g) gels 500ml of liquid. You need to bloom the gelatin first. Simply put a small amount of the cold liquid or water into a bowl and sprinkle the gelatin on top. Leave for 5 minutes before adding to the warm liquid and stir until dissolved.

Adding beef gelatin to drinks
Pour 1 Tablespoon (15g) into a glass of your favourite juice or drink. Allow to settle for one minute while stirring, then drink immediately.

Mixing gelatin with hot liquids: 
Add 1 tablespoon (15g)  to small amount of cold liquid for one minute, then add hot liquid and stir until dissolved.

Recommended usage is 1 level tablespoon (15g) before or during breakfast, and one before or during dinner. 



100% Pure Australian Bovine (Beef) Gelatin

Nutritional Profile

Serving size: 15 g (1 scoop) | Serves per tin: 30

Average Quantity
per 15 g Serve

Average Quantity
per 100 g


221 kJ
52.82 cal

1496 kJ
357.55 cal


13 g

88 g

Total Fat
- Saturated

0 g
0 g

0 g
0 g

- Total Sugars

0 g
0 g

0 g
0 g


45 mg

300 mg

It's cool to be "jelly"


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Customer Reviews

Based on 138 reviews
A new favourite

This gelatin is fantastic! No odour and unflavoured. Gummies and desserts set so well and I sometimes add it to smoothies and my cup of coffee.

Sandra H
Best gelatin

I’ve bought this gelatin a number of times and will continue to do so. It dissolves easy and is smooth and doesn’t leave clumps. I use it daily in my cacao to give it extra thickness and obviously extra nutrients. It’s also great for baby fruit jellies. My daughter loves them and it makes me feel great to know she’s getting some added benefits.

Best Gelatin

Love the product. Providing healthy options for my family.

Beef gelatin

Used these to make gummies and it was so easy and blended so quickly. Will definitely be buying more once we run out.

Jarrod B
Best gelatine

Thank you gelpro for your quality gelatine!

Gelatine is a staple in my diet and there’s so many brands out there, most of them has added nasties.

However you guys don’t!

A+++ will always come back!

Ceylan Berdilek
Love this product

I love using this to make gummies for baby. I have peace of mind knowing all the goodness she is receiving from this. Would highly recommend

Sarah Louis
Excellent quality

I have been using the beef liver capsules and the quality is excellent. I also use the oyster capsules and love both. Would highly recommend for quality and price.

We love this gelatine!

Always smooth and never gritty. Sets up really well! We make kombucha gummies for the kids lunchboxes and they just gobble them up! I know that they are good for them and getting all the nutrients they need from the gelatine. My kids are rarely sick and I swear it's the gelatine and the kombucha combined to keep their tummies happy and healthy.