Collagen Gut Health Powder | 325g
Collagen Gut Health Powder | 325g
Collagen Gut Health Powder | 325g
Collagen Gut Health Powder | 325g
Collagen Gut Health Powder | 325g

Collagen Gut Health Powder | 325g

Hyrdolysed Collagen Peptides
+ Matricaria Chamomilla + Curcuma Longa + Zinc
Natural Lavender + Elderflower Flavour

Relieves abdominal bloating, supports gastrointestinal system health and mucosal membrane health.
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The highlights

Gelpro Collagen Gut Health Powder

Gelpro's collagen gut health powder has been formulated to help relieve abdominal bloating, support your gastro system health and mucosal membrane health. 

Flavoured with Lavender and elderflower, our gut health powder aims to soothe stomach discomfort as well as promoting good gut health. 

Our hero ingredients include:

  • Matricaria chamomilla which is traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to decrease flatulence, relieve abdominal bloating and soothe nerves. 
  • Glutamine supports the gastrointestinal system and mucosal membrane health.
  • Curcuma longa supports liver health and bile secretion.
  • Zinc assists in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. 

Serving suggestions

Mix 13g (1 scoop) of powder once daily with water, a smoothie, or your favourite drink and stir well. Consume immediately in the morning, between meals on an empty stomach, or as directed by your health professional.


Active Ingredients per 13g of Powder

Hydrolysed collagen 5g , aloe vera leaf ext. dry conc. 99.97mg , equiv. aloe vera leaf dry 19.99g, equiv. hydroxyanthracene derivates calculated as anhydrous harbaloin 1g, althaea officinalis root ext. dry conc. 499.98mg, equiv. althaea officinalis root dry 2g, curcuma longa rhizome ext. dry conc. 125mg, equiv. curcuma longa rhizoma dry 2.5g, glycyrrhiza glabra root ext. dry conc. 115.44mg, equiv. glycyrrhiza glabra root dry 1.5g, matricaria chamomilla flower ext. dry conc. 187.46mg, equiv. matricaria chamomilla flower dry 1.5g, mentha x piperita leaf ext. dry conc. 10mg, equiv. mentha x piperita leaf dry 200.2mg, contains menthol 500.5micrograms, silybum marianum fruit ext. dry conc. 131.43mg, equiv. silybum marianum fruit dry 9.2g, glutamine 1.5g, polaprezinc (zinc carnosine) 55.64 mg, equiv. zinc 11.96mg

Nutritional Profile

Active Ingredients per 13 g powder

Hydrolysed collagen                     

5 g

Aloe vera leaf dry  ext. dry conc.

Equiv. Aloe vera leaf dry

Equiv. Hydroxyanthracene derivatives calculated as anhydrous barbaloin

99.97 mg

19.99 g

1 mg

Althaea officinalis root dry ext. dry conc.

Equiv. Althaea officinalis root dry

499.98 mg

2 g

Curcuma longa ext. dry conc. rhizome dry

Equiv. Curcuma longa rhizome dry

125 mg

2.5 g

Glycyrrhiza glabra root ext. dry conc.

Equiv. Glycyrrhiza glabra root dry

115.44 mg

1.5 g

Matricaria chamomilla flower  ext. dry conc.

Equiv. Matricaria chamomilla flower dry

187.46 mg

1.5 g

Mentha x piperita leaf  ext. dry conc.

Equiv. Mentha x piperita leaf dry

Contains Menthol

10 mg

200.2 mg

500.5 micrograms

Silybum marianum fruit ext. dry conc.

Equiv. Silybum marianum fruit dry

131.4 mg

9.2 g


1.5 g

Polaprezinc (Zinc carnosine)

Equiv. Zinc

55.64 mg

11.96 mg







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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing quality and flavour

Probably one of my favourite products that I have ever purchased from Gel Pro. Super nourishing, low inflammatory and tastes good.

Jen F
Great quality great product

I have purchased Gelpro hydrolysed collagen many times as I love the high quality, the mixability, price and the fact that it is made from grass fed organic Australian and NZ gelatine. This order I decided to try some more of their products as well to support local, and improve my health even more. This gut formula is delicious, easy to mix and so far I have def felt calm and relaxed in my stomach after consuming it in smoothies or mixed into a bit of kombucha. The flavour is citrusy and mild. An excellent quality product. This is supported even more by gelpro’s excellent customer service. Support gelpro, support a quality local business and improve your health ... a lovely win-win !!