Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules
Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules
Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules
Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules
Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules
Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules

Men's Ultimate | 120 Capsules

Increases libido + sexual health
Improves vitality + energy production + muscle growth
Helps to maintain normal testosterone blood levels
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The highlights

Your ultimate wholefood-based men’s multivitamin is here!

Rocky Mountain Oyster or Cowboy Caviar, whatever name you choose to give bovine testicles, there is no doubting this nutrient dense food, loaded with Zinc, B12 & B3 just to name a few.

We have created an 'all-in-one' supplement combining beef testicle powder with beef liver and beef kidney, resulting in a potent powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins, including heme iron, selenium, folate & Vitamin A. Organ meat use, in particular beef testicles, dates back centuries as a performance enhancing food for gladiators, warriors and athletes.

A natural source of protein and essential nutrients to help overall immunity, energy levels and hormone production. A great supplement for pre and post workouts, supporting muscle growth and recovery. 

Sourced from organic grass-fed and finished Australian bovine liver and kidney and grass-fed and finished bovine testicles, we do not compromise on quality!

Serving suggestions

Consume one serve (4 capsules) whole, or open capsule & sprinkle on food or drink.


27% Bovine Testicles, 27% Bovine Kidney, 27% Bovine Liver, 19% Bovine Gelatin Capsule

Nutritional Profile





Who said you ain’t got the balls?

It’s what’s inside that counts!

Essential for healthy testosterone production, sperm quality, and acts as a powerful antioxidant to combat inflammation.

An essential mineral for thyroid function (iodothyronine deiodinanses) and immune health/antioxidant defence (glutathione peroxidase, thioredoxin reductase).

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep your body's blood and nerve cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all of your cells.

Beef liver is one of the most naturally abundant sources of highly bioavailable Heme Iron which may assist in restoring low iron to a healthy and normal level. 


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