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5 Ways To Add Ghee To Your Keto Diet

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What is Ghee? How is Ghee different to butter?

Ghee is all the rage lately, and more and more information is coming out on how it can help benefit your overall health. But, what exactly is ghee, and how is it different than butter? Ghee is similar to clarified butter except for the fact that it has been boiled down until the part of caramelisation. This leaves you with a super buttery and sweet taste.

During the process of making ghee, the milk solids are removed, so there are far fewer dairy proteins present than traditional butter. This makes ghee a popular option for those who are sensitive to lactose.

In addition to being a generally more well-tolerated fat, let’s take a look at some of the other health benefits of ghee.  

The Benefits of Ghee

While decadent and savory, ghee is actually surprisingly excellent for overall health and makes the ideal addition to a ketogenic diet. Let’s take a look at some of the health befits of enjoying ghee regularly.

Supports Gut Health: Ghee is most commonly known for its gut health supporting properties. Like collagen for gut health, ghee is rich in butyrate which is a short-chain fatty acid known to help support a healthy digestive system. Ghee is also generally well tolerated even with those who are sensitive to lactose since the milk solids are removed during the heating process.

Great for Cooking: Ghee makes the ideal cooking fat since it has a high smoke point. Cooking with the right type of fat is key to supporting health since fats with low smoke points can oxidize in the pain and leave behind harmful free radicals. Ghee has a smoke point of 250 degrees C making it great for higher heat cooking.

Rich in Fat-Soluble Vitamins: Ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. Since ghee is a healthy fat in and of itself, it can also help support the digestion of these fat-soluble vitamins. Consuming healthy fats like ghee as part of a regular diet is especially important for anyone with an impaired digestive system as they may need a little boost to help absorb essential fat-soluble vitamins consumed in their diet. Adding ghee to your diet not only packs in a healthy dose of fat-soluble vitamins, but it can also help support the absorptions of them.

Rich in CLA: Ghee is rich in CLA which stands for conjugated linoleic acid. CLA is known to help reduce inflammation and may even help with weight loss, and muscle growth. 

5 Ways to Add Ghee to Your Keto Diet

If you following a ketogenic diet, the good news is that ghee is keto-friendly and can easily be added into a variety of healthy recipes. Let’s take a look at five different ways you can add ghee to your keto diet.

#1 Used as Your go-to Cooking Fat: As mentioned before, ghee makes the ideal cooking fat due to its high smoke point. Use ghee as you would any other cooking oil.

#2 Use in Soups & Stews: Adding ghee to soups and stews is a great way to add some extra creaminess while also adding some additional nutritional value. Ghee will also add a savory taste to just about anything you add it to.

#3 Use it in Place of Butter: Try using ghee in place of regular butter for added health benefits. You can use ghee on your morning toast, or used in your healthy baking recipes.

#4 Add it to Coffee: Want to supercharge your morning cup of coffee? Try adding a teaspoon of ghee for an added boost of energy and healthy fat to kickstart your day.

#5 Add it to Smoothies: Try adding a healthy fat to your smoothie by adding a teaspoon of ghee. Adding a healthy fat is a great way to help promote satiety while also stabilizing blood sugar levels. Fat is also going to be your body’s primary source of fuel while following a ketogenic diet, so adding ghee to your recipes is a great way to ensure that you are getting the fat that you need for optimal health.

Try making a keto-friendly smoothie by adding a teaspoon of our Phat Performance Grass Fed Ghee, and a scoop of collagen protein to your favorite smoothie.

Looking for some recipe inspiration? Give this blueberry smoothie recipe a try.

Blueberry & Spinach Coconut Smoothie

Serves: 1




  1. Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Enjoy right away!

The Bottom Line

Ghee can make a great addition to a healthy diet and can be an excellent fat source for those following a ketogenic diet. However, keep in mind that not all ghee is created equal and that quality matters. Here at Gelpro, we offer the highest quality grass-fed ghee that you can feel great about enjoying.

Here are some of the ways our ghee stands out, and some of the things you want to look for in any ghee you add to your diet.

  • Made from grass-fed cows
  • No added ingredients
  • Free from preservatives
  • Free from added colour
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Non-GMO

If you are looking for a way to supercharge your ketogenic diet with the addition of a healthy fat, try adding some grass-fed ghee to your diet by using it as your primary cooking oil, adding it to your smoothies, or enjoying it with your morning cup of coffee. You may be surprised at what this delicious fat can do for your overall health.