Collagen Peptides for Athletes

Collagen Peptides for Athletes: How they improve recovery and performance

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The use of collagen peptides for athletes has become increasingly popular in recent years.  While collagen supplements can provide a multitude of benefits to anyone looking to improve their overall health, the benefits of collagen for athletes include improved recovery and enhanced performance

But what exactly are collagen peptides

Collagen peptides (also known as hydrolysed collagen or collagen powder) are animal-sourced collagen that has been broken down into smaller amino acid bonds through a process called hydrolyzation. Through this process, the collagen becomes more easily digestible as a supplement and enables the body to absorb the amino acids quickly and effectively. Because of these benefits, hydrolysed collagen is considered the best collagen for athletes and those who are looking to utilise all those helpful proteins straight away. 

How Do Collagen Peptides Improve Recovery?

Type II Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that makes up a large portion of the tissue around and between your joints and the ends of your bones. This tissue is what helps support your joints’ mobility and flexibility, maintain good levels of shock absorption and stay generally healthy. 

As we age, the rate at which this collagen is being naturally produced starts to decline. This causes looser tissue and tendons and signs of breakdown that occurs due to years of joints and bones rubbing together. Once collagen levels start to reduce, it’s common to see declines in joint mobility and joint health, aches and pains post-activity, and a higher likelihood of injury from constant repetition of an activity. 

Incorporating collagen supplements for athletes can assist in keeping that tissue healthy and tough, thereby reducing the risk of activity-induced pain, preventing injury, and accelerating recovery.

Another one of collagen’s benefits for athletes is that it helps reduce inflammation, which can reduce post-activity muscle aches and therefore speed up recovery. This is because collagen peptides have a high concentration of proline and glycine, two amino acids which block the production of inflammatory enzymes.

How Collagen Peptides Improve Performance

High-quality collagen peptide supplements like Gelpro’s Peptipro Original Collagen are full of protein. Peptipro is made up of 97% protein, to be exact - so for each 15g dose of collagen, you’re getting 14.6g of quick digesting protein that can be utilised straight away to help build lean muscle mass and strength. It is also Low FODMAP certified by Monash University.

Unlike traditional protein supplements, such as whey protein, which increase muscle size through increasing rates of protein synthesis, collagen’s amino acid makeup helps to distribute load with more force without adding size. Research has also suggested that a healthy diet supplemented by collagen peptides facilitates optimal creatine synthesis which can increase rates of post-workout muscle development.

So while you may be loading up on whey if you’re a bodybuilder, collagen protein is an ideal for athletes who prefer to improve training capacity, build lean muscle and maintain a toned, but lean physique.  

Benefits of Collagen Peptides for Specific Sports and Activities

Depending on the type of sport or activity you participate in, there are a number of ways collagen for athletes may improve performance. 

If you’re a runner, topping up your collagen levels can help protect your joints and soft tissues while running and keep your mobility, flexibility and cushioning in top form.

For athletes such as gymnasts, skaters and cyclists, you likely require high levels of strength and endurance without necessarily requiring visibly large muscles. Collagen peptides can help supplement your protein intake to assist in building strength, as well as reduce inflammation and improve muscle synthesis for improved endurance.

No matter your sport or activity, collagen peptides keep ligaments and tendons healthy and resilient to help avoid injury and help you get the most out of your workout.

How to Incorporate Collagen Peptides into your Training Routine

Collagen peptides for athletes are simple and quick to incorporate into your daily routine. All collagen peptides from Gelpro Australia are flavourless and incorporated easily into water, smoothies or even your daily tea or coffee. 

Incorporating collagen into your everyday diet also has benefits for gut health and can help ease symptoms of bloating, cramping and leaky gut.

If you’re looking to get creative, try your daily dose of collagen in a batch of Coconut and Collagen Breakfast Muffins or protein-packed Supergreens Nuts & Seeds Energy Bars.

For an added boost, combine your collagen with foods rich in Vitamin C  and Zinc Like orange juice, strawberries or kale to help support collagen synthesis. Alternatively, our Raw Native C capsules are a great natural food source of Vitamin C.

Collagen peptides are a great way to stay in tip-top shape as an athlete, improve recovery rates and drive optimal performance.

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