How Does Marine Collagen Reduce Stomach Cramps & Bloating

How Does Marine Collagen Reduce Stomach Cramps & Bloating?

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Did you know, around ten per cent of the population suffer from regular bloating and stomach cramps? Amongst women who menstruate or those diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, that number shoots up to between 75-90%. While many people try to self-medicate with over-the-counter painkillers or at-home remedies, the secret to reducing your stomach cramps and bloating could be as simple as incorporating a Marine Collagen supplement into your diet.

Collagen, in all forms, is incredibly beneficial in reducing common stomach issues. And as the most widely-studied form of collagen, the superpowers of Marine Collagen for gut health are well-documented.

Marine collagen is a Type I and Type II collagen derived from fish scales and skin. The collagen proteins are removed from the source and broken down into collagen peptides, which are smaller units of protein. 

Marine Collagen is useful in supporting gut health, due to its high amino acid content. Amino acids such as glutamine, proline and glycerin can help reduce inflammation in the body as well as strengthen or heal the digestive tract lining, making Marine Collagen the perfect supplemental collagen for gut and stomach health.

How Marine Collagen Reduces Stomach Cramps

Marine collagen helps repair intestinal and stomach lining

Collagen production within the body naturally facilitates the repairing and healing of the intestinal lining. However, when there’s damage or inflammation within the stomach lining or intestinal wall, collagen production slows down and this natural healing process halts. Increasing your collagen intake via supplement can help generate new smooth muscle cells to support the intestinal wall and boost natural collagen production to aid in the repairing process.

Marine collagen helps aid the digestive process

In addition to helping to repair damage to the stomach lining, collagen can actually aid in digestion to avoid those stomach issues in the first place. Collagen is a hydrophilic molecule, meaning it attracts water and stomach acid as it moves through the digestive tract which helps food move through the intestines more smoothly and therefore reduces cramping caused by food molecules attempting to break down.

Marine collagen reduces gut inflammation

In addition to being hydrophilic, marine collagen is also particularly useful in the digestive process as it contains glutamine. Glutamine is an amino acid that prevents inflammation of the gut and is the major player in the relationship between collagen and gut health. Particularly, those who suffer from IBS or Leaky Gut often lack sufficient amounts of this amino acid, therefore suffering from an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the body’s ability to detoxify their harmful effects. Therefore, a marine collagen supplement may provide relief for abdominal muscle spasms or digestive discomfort caused by a lack of glutamine.

How Marine Collagen Reduces Bloating

While stomach cramps and bloating are not the same things, these two symptoms often appear together and can be triggered by the same issues. Unlike stomach cramps, which are a feeling of targeted pain, bloating is largely a feeling of pressure, tightness or fullness in the abdomen area that can evolve into intense pain. A common misconception is that bloating must involve a swollen (or distended) belly, however, bloating can often present internally only.

As with stomach cramps, using marine collagen for gut health has been shown to assist in the easing of bloating as a symptom.  

Marine collagen is high in amino acids, such as glutamine, proline and glycine, that help protect the intestinal barrier. These amino acids are particularly useful in reducing inflammation which can cause that feeling of tightness, as well as helping food pass through the digestive tract more smoothly, therefore avoiding built-up pressure from slow digestion.

Marine Collagen vs Other Sources of Collagen

There are multiple sources of collagen supplements and each one has its own individual benefits. The three most common types of collagen are bovine collagen, eggshell membrane collagen, and marine collagen. 

Bovine collagen is the most popularly used collagen supplement, containing both Type I and Type III collagen. Originally popularised as an alternative to whey protein, bovine collagen was favoured among the fitness community as it did not cause digestive issues in people sensitive to whey. As a protein supplement, bovine collagen is 97% pure protein and beneficial for muscle growth and joint support. 

Eggshell membrane collagen contains both Type V and Type X collagen, which largely support healthy tissue growth as well as reduces signs of ageing in the skin.

Marine collagen is often used as a pescatarian alternative to other types of collages to support skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Recently, as the most widely-studied source of collagen, research into gut health has shown the success of marine collagen as a gut-performance collagen supplement.

Gelpro’s marine collagen is extracted from the skin of deep-sea cod caught in the North Atlantic Ocean using sustainable fishing methods. High in amino acids glutamine, proline and glycerin, with no fishy taste, our marine collagen can help reduce inflammation in the body, aid digestion and heal the digestive tract lining resulting in reduced bloating and stomach cramps.

If you are looking to incorporate marine collagen into your daily diet, try adding a scoop of Gelpro's Original Unflavoured Marine Collagen to water or your favourite drink. 

For specific stomach issues, Gelpro’s Collagen Gut Health Powder relieves abdominal bloating and supports gastrointestinal system health and mucosal membrane health. Formulated with targeted ingredients, such as Matricaria chamomilla and glutamine, our Gut Health Powder helps relieve symptoms commonly associated with leaky gut, including bloating and cramping. 

For a collagen supplement that combines the benefits of bovine collagen, eggshell membrane collagen and marine collagen, try Gelpro’s Multi Collagen. Or, combine your daily dose of marine collagen with a superfood boost with Marine Collagen + Dragonfruit Powder or Marine Collagen + Butterfly Pea Powder.