Cory Teunissen

Cory Teunissen - Professional Wakeboarder

Cory first got into wakeboarding when he was 4 years old and waterskiied even earlier than that thanks to his parents. Cory slowly improved over the years and ended up living overseas to pursue his career at 13years old and won the junior tour. The following year Cory went pro, won events and got awarded the best rookie season ever performed by a rookie.

Being a professional athlete is tough but fulfilling and Cory is always looking for the next edge.For the past few years Cory has been working closely with peak performance coach Nam Baldwin and the results have spoken for themselves; 2018 was his most successful year to date and Cory is the currently world #1.  Cory believes that being a professional athlete involves being professional on and off the water, and works hard every day to achieve this. 




Professional Wakeboarder

Career highlights

  • 2016- Wakeboard World Cup Champion, China
  • 2016- Wakeboard World Championship Champion, Canada
2017- Moomba Masters Champion, Melbourne
2018- Pro Wake Tour Series Champion
  • 2018. Wakeboard World Series Runner up
  • 2019- Current World #1
  • 2019- Moomba Masters Champion, Melbourne

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